Outside The Golden Triangle

Visitors of the Golden Triangle are probably wondering why there are no casinos in the area. The answer is simple: gambling is heavily regulated in India. If you want to know the reason why, read {The Public Gambling Act of 1867}, which has been around the country for more than one hundred years. This law, which was enacted by the British during their rule in the Indian subcontinent, prohibits all kinds of gambling in the country; thus makes operating, assisting, visiting and financing a gambling house, or possessing gambling paraphernalia a criminal offense. There are, however, some games allowed in the whole country such as horse racing and lottery. Currently, there two states in India where casinos can legally operate, which are Goa and Sikkim. In this article, we will discuss how to go from the Golden Triangle to Sikkim in order to scratch your gaming itch.

If you want the nearer among the two, then head straight to Sikkim. There are many ways to reach Sikkim: via bus, train, or air. Reaching Sikkim via air will take less than an hour of travel time, this, however, is the most expensive of all the routes, and you have to land on Bagdogra airport because Sikkim does not have its own. If you want to reach it by the road, you can either rent a car or take the bus, with a travel time of more three to four hours. Lastly, since Sikkim does not have its own railway station, you have to board the train from Delhi to New Jalpaiguri and hit the road to Sikkim. Alternately, if you want to save all the trouble of reaching the nearest casino from the Golden Triangle, just pop out your laptop and type partycasino.com on your browser's address bar so you can play your favorite casino games even if you just feel like camping out in your hotel rooms.

There are two main casinos in the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok. First is Casino Sikkim by The Royal Plaza. Because of the heavy implementation of the gaming laws, Casino Sikkim only houses ten gaming machines and five table and poker games. However, the service is excellent and the staff will attend to all the customer's needs. Meanwhile, Mayfair Gangtok is the first casino in India to offer an on-shore casino in the country, since the first casinos that opened in Goa are floating casinos. Situated within the pine forests of Gangtok, Mayfair Casino has more machines and tables than The Royal Plaza's Casino Sikkim. Also, another feature of Mayfair is its relaxing Neo-colonial motif, which urges players to continue gaming due to the homey atmosphere of the casino. However, these casinos only operate from 6PM to 4AM, so you have to make the most out of a single night. So in case you feel like wandering to the corners of India to find some casino action, better head to Sikkim and start making those machines chuck up some chips.

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